Land Cruiser 40 Series

GC101 - COMPOSITE TUB (1978 and earlier)

Price (U.S) : $8500.00 USD

Complete as shown. Available in standard white gelcoat and prepped to a 120 grit finish. Detailing to 240 grit and then priming will be required before paint application. The 78 and earlier tub is distinguishable by the fuel cell being located under the passenger seat inside the cabin, The construction is a hand laid FRP cored laminate with addition re-enforcing where required. The “A” pillar hinge plate is stainless steel and includes fasteners for the door hinges. The tub comes complete with removable dash, gas pot and transmission cover. Engine bay louvers, instrument cluster hole, glove box hole and gas door are trimmed out. The firewall and dash are indexed for most common hardware. Extra reinforcement is applied to roll bar attachment areas and door posts (“B” Pillar). Some tin parts are needed from original donor truck for a complete build and these include: cabin fan adapter, defrost duct adapters, padded dash retainer, and the vent door hinges.